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About Athens United Soccer Association (AUSA)

AUSA stands for Athens United Soccer Association. It is an organization that exists for the sole purpose of promoting and uniting the sport of soccer in and around the Athens area. AUSA is the only soccer-only organization in the area. We are proud to say that AUSA is organized and run primarily by volunteers, with only a handful of paid coaches. AUSA is not funded by tax dollars, it's operating budget comes from registration fees, concession sales, donations and tournaments.

Our name, Athens United Soccer Association, was adopted in 1986 when two rival organizations, Applejacks and Athens International merged to become one. Athens Parks and Recreation Department was the first organization to have soccer teams in Athens, but was not affiliated with the Georgia Youth Soccer Association. Applejacks evolved when a group of boys, too old to play with the Recreation Department, wanted to keep playing. They formed a team and started playing out of town. Around 1972, the Athens soccer club, called Applejacks, was created. This gave older players as well as players looking for stronger competition, a place to go other than the Athens Recreation Department. Athens International was formed in 1984. When it became obvious that neither organization was going to "dominate," it was decided that the two would be much stronger if they worked together and Athens United was born!

At that time, Athens United lacked good playing facilities. Games were played wherever a flat piece of ground big enough for a soccer field could be found. Grass was a secondary consideration. A close working relationship with the Athens/Clarke County Recreation Department was developed and in 1992, SPLOST money and a $5000 donation from AUSA initiated the construction of the soccer fields at the Holland Youth Sports Complex. League members, parents, coaches and even players spent many weekends removing rocks from the fields and readying them for grass. This "sweat equity" finally gave the league a sense of "home" and some of the best facilities of any soccer organization in Georgia. Teams from as far away as Michigan have praised the Holland Youth Complex, and many teams look forward to coming to Athens to play on these fields.