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Athens United Soccer Association

About Us

At Athens United, our goal is:

To teach the game of soccer to anyone wishing to participate.
To coach the child, not just the soccer player.
To provide a safe and enjoyable activity for the seasoned competitive player.
To provide an appropriate level of play for all players, from beginners to advanced.
To educate the Athens/Clarke, Oconee, and surrounding communities about soccer

Club History

About Athens United Soccer Association (AUSA)

AUSA stands for Athens United Soccer Association. It is an organization that exists for the sole purpose of promoting and uniting the sport of soccer in and around the Athens area. AUSA is the only soccer-only organization in the area. We are proud to say that AUSA is organized and run primarily by volunteers, with only a handful of paid coaches. AUSA is not funded by tax dollars, it's operating budget comes from registration fees, concession sales, donations and tournaments.

Our name, Athens United Soccer Association, was adopted in 1986 when two rival organizations, Applejacks and Athens International merged to become one. Athens Parks and Recreation Department was the first organization to have soccer teams in Athens, but was not affiliated with the Georgia Youth Soccer Association. Applejacks evolved when a group of boys, too old to play with the Recreation Department, wanted to keep playing. They formed a team and started playing out of town. Around 1972, the Athens soccer club, called Applejacks, was created. This gave older players as well as players looking for stronger competition, a place to go other than the Athens Recreation Department. Athens International was formed in 1984. When it became obvious that neither organization was going to "dominate," it was decided that the two would be much stronger if they worked together and Athens United was born!

At that time, Athens United lacked good playing facilities. Games were played wherever a flat piece of ground big enough for a soccer field could be found. Grass was a secondary consideration. A close working relationship with the Athens/Clarke County Recreation Department was developed and in 1992, SPLOST money and a $5000 donation from AUSA initiated the construction of the soccer fields at the Holland Youth Sports Complex. League members, parents, coaches and even players spent many weekends removing rocks from the fields and readying them for grass. This "sweat equity" finally gave the league a sense of "home" and some of the best facilities of any soccer organization in Georgia. Teams from as far away as Michigan have praised the Holland Youth Complex, and many teams look forward to coming to Athens to play on these fields.

Contact Information

Athens United Soccer Association


Contact Information


Club Phone Number: 706-353-2241

Club Fax Number: 706-353-2557


OFFICE LOCATION & MAILING ADDRESS: 2350 Prince Avenue, Suite 1 Athens, GA 30606


OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.
Should you need to meet with someone after office hours, please call

AUSA Administrator, Lisa Meeks at 706-224-7260 to make arrangements.


Executive Staff:



Home Phone



Executive Director

Lloyd White

706-353-2241 x2

[email protected]

Administrative Director

Lisa Meeks

706-353-2241 x1


[email protected]

Director of

Player Development

Juan Bustamante

[email protected]


2015 Board of Directors:



Home Phone




Michael Crain



[email protected]

Vice President

Gil Calabria

[email protected]


Jon Cook


[email protected]


Tom Borst [email protected]

Member at Large

Karl Barnett

[email protected]

Member at Large

Sean Hogan

[email protected]

Member at Large Jeremy Ransom [email protected]

Member at Large

Emily Kelso

[email protected]

Member at Large

Gil Calabria

[email protected]

Member at Large   Lee Chisolm   [email protected]

Additional Contributors:



Home Phone




Lisa Meeks


[email protected]

Referee Coordinator

Shannon O'Carroll


[email protected]

Scheduler  Michelle Okumura  706-353-2241   [email protected] 
Field Manager  Matt Meeks 706-353-2241    [email protected] 

Athens Invitational

Tournament Director

Lloyd White


[email protected]

Athens Finale

Tournament Director

Lloyd White


[email protected]







Fundraising & Sponsorship

Tony Mallon

[email protected]



Constitution of Athens United Soccer Association, Inc.

Article 1 (Name)

The name of this corporation shall be Athens United Soccer Association, Inc. (hereinafter

referred to as AUSA). AUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Approved: 5/23/1990)Article II (Headquarters)

The headquarters of AUSA shall be at such location as may be designated by the Board of

Directors of AUSA.Article III (Purpose)

AUSA is organized for the following purposes: AUSA is a youth organization that shall operate

exclusively for charitable and/or educational purposes. More specifically, the purposes are

1. To develop and promote the game of soccer within the territory of AUSA;

2. To provide the opportunity for enjoyment and recreation through competition for all boys

and girls who voluntarily participate in such a program;

3. To promote the ideals of sportsmanship and the principles of fair play;

4. To provide for those who desire to coach in AUSA, the opportunity to improve their

instructional skills;

5. To develop player skills and knowledge of the game;

6. To provide a quality program at the lowest possible cost to the participants;

7. To promote and further such other purposes as are set forth in this Constitution, the

Article of Incorporation of AUSA, its Bylaws and other documents that may be written

from time to time.Article IV (Membership)

1. A membership shall be granted to each family of all registered players who shall agree to

abide by the Constitution and Bylaws and other writings and who may be required to pay

a fee as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

2. A membership shall be granted to any person who has an interest in the purposes of

AUSA, who shall abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and other writings, and who shall

have paid dues as may be set from time to time by the Board of Directors. Said dues

shall be waived by the use of volunteer hours worked for the good of AUSA and its


3. AUSA reserves the right to revoke or refuse membership to those, who by their actions,

demonstrate their inability or unwillingness to abide by the laws, rules and regulations of


4. Each membership shall have one vote at the annual meeting and at other times as

necessitated by this Constitution, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or other writings of

AUSA.Article V (Board of Directors)

1. AUSA shall be governed by a Board of Directors who shall be elected by the

Membership in the manner specified in this Constitution, Articles of Incorporation,

AUSA Constitution Page 2 of 4

Bylaws or other writings of AUSA. Members of the Board of Directors shall consist of

the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, four (4) Members At-

Large and other such members as may be established from time to time by the Board of

Directors. In the event that there is no Past President elected and/or willing to serve on

the Board of Directors an additional Member At-Large shall be elected.

2. Each Board member shall have one vote except the President who shall vote only in the

instance of a tie.Article VI (Legal Actions)

No member, associate member, or any person acting in an official capacity may bring legal

action against AUSA through the courts until all remedies in organized soccer have been

exhausted including an appeal to the United States Soccer Federation.Article VII (Affiliation)

AUSA shall be affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association through the Georgia

Youth Soccer Association and shall at all times recognize the authority, rulings, and laws of

those bodies.Article VIII (Amendments)

1. Proposed amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to the Board of Directors

and approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors or 50 AUSA members

(via signatures on a petition) before being submitted to the membership for a vote. All

approved proposed amendments shall be published to the membership at least thirty (30)

days in advance of the scheduled or extraordinary/called meeting of the membership at

which the proposed amendments are to be discussed with the membership and voted


2. The Constitution shall be amended at any scheduled or extraordinary/called meeting of

the membership by a two-thirds majority of the voting members present at such meeting.Article IX (Voting Members)

Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote at the annual meeting and at other

times as necessitated by this Constitution, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or other written

documents of AUSA.Article X (Suspension or Expulsion)

1. The Board of Directors, by a majority vote at any duly constituted meeting, shall have the

authority to suspend or expel any member whose conduct is considered detrimental to the

best interest of AUSA. Said vote may occur only after a hearing and recommendations

by the Disciplinary Committee.

2. The use by any member of profanity, alcoholic beverages, or fighting on AUSA Premises

of wherever officially supervised AUSA matches or practices are being held, shall be

considered as grounds for automatic expulsion from the AUSA in accordance with this

paragraph and Paragraph 1.

AUSA Constitution Page 3 of 4

3. In the case of player misconduct, the Director of coaching and Player Development shall,

upon evidence of serious misconduct by said player, notify the coach of the team of

which the player is a member within 48 hours of such misconduct. Said coach shall

appear in an advisory capacity with the player before the fully constituted Disciplinary

Committee. In the case of misconduct of a coach, said coach shall be notified within 48

hours and shall appear before the fully constituted Disciplinary Committee. This

Committee shall have full authority to recommend to the Board of Directors suspension

or revocation of such player‚s or coach‚s right to future participation with AUSA.Article XI (Non-Discrimination)

AUSA will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, disability,




Name of Club and Use of Symbols

Unless changed by vote of the Board of Directors, the name used by this Association shall

be Athens United Soccer Association. This shall not preclude the adoption of a common name

for all teams affiliated with AUSA. A decision by AUSA to adopt a common identifier for its

teams or playing divisions shall not require a change in the name Athens United Soccer


All uniforms worn by any affiliated team must have the approved symbol for AUSA

screened or sewn on the front of the uniform jersey or t-shirt. In the event AUSA develops a

special symbol (patch, logo, etc.) for use by its teams, this symbol as well as that used by AUSA

shall be worn and displayed in an approved manner. Use of individual team symbols, if different

from that used by AUSA, shall be displayed on the uniform in a manner specified by AUSA.Registration and Fees

AUSA is responsible to GYSA for the proper registration and transfer of players within

AUSA. The decision regarding the appropriateness of transfers will be made in consultation

with the Director(s) of Coaching and Player Development. All documents received from GYSA,

any governmental organization, or another association requiring the signature or approval of an

“association” officer shall require the signature of the appropriate Board of Director member.

No other person may sign on behalf of AUSA.

AUSA shall set and collect all registration fees for any individual on either a recreational or

select team.Scheduling the Use of Fields

All game fields owned, leased, rented, or otherwise maintained by AUSA are to be

scheduled for use only with the approval of the appropriate Board of Director member or such

other individual as the Board of Directors may designate.

AUSA Constitution Page 4 of 4Conflict Resolution

In the event of a disagreement or conflict between any member(s) of AUSA, in matters

pertaining to AUSA, resolution of said conflict would be decided by a fair and impartial

committee appointed by the Board of Directors.Selection of Coaches

The selection of all persons who shall be listed or otherwise reported to GYSA as the coach

of any team shall be the responsibility of the Director of Soccer Operations or such other person

as the Board of Directors may designate and shall be subject to the approval of a simple majority

of the Board of Directors.Coaching Certification and Credentials

AUSA may establish, in order to comply with legal or other contractual requirements, the

minimum requirements for selection as a coach of a team. AUSA shall be responsible for

ensuring that any person so selected shall meet the established minimum requirements. The

continued compliance of all coaches with any established minimum requirements involving

either training or attainment of such certifications shall be the responsibility of AUSA in

conjunction with the AUSA Director of Soccer Operations or such other individual as the Board

of Directors may designate.APPROVED: [1977]

AMMENDED: [January 12, 2009]

Club ByLaws

Executive Director

Lloyd White has worked with Athens United as the Executive Director since 2010. Prior to that, he has had a lifetime of experience on the soccer field, winning awards and championships both as a player and as a coach. Lloyd grew up in London and played soccer throughout his youth. He and his home team of South London won the National Championships in England in 1976. From there, Lloyd went on to play professional soccer for teams such as the Queens Park Rangers FC, AFC Wimbledon, Brighton Hove Albion FC and Millwall FC in England before moving to the United States to continue his professional career here. He played stateside for teams such as the Atlanta Attack, Atlanta Magic, Academy Chiefs, Atlanta Lightning, Gwinnett County Steamers, Chattanooga Express and Atlanta Express. He was also Captain of the Georgia State Select Team from 1995 to 1997.

Lloyd is well-known throughout Georgia's soccer community, especially through his past leadership and accomplishments with the Georgia Futbol Club as the Director of coaching as well as a longtime Academy and Select coach. Among his many other accomplishments, he has been awarded the designation of Georgia Youth Soccer Association Boys Coach of the Year. Since beginning his tenure here at AUSA, Lloyd has been involved in all aspects of Athens United's boys and girls Developmental, Academy and Select programs. The experience and leadership that Lloyd has brought to Athens United includes but is not limited to his being a USSF National Licensed coach, an FA level 1 & Level 2 licensed coach, and a past Georgia State ODP Assessor.

Coaching Experience
Athens United Soccer Association, Executive Director 2010 - Present

Georgia FC Director of Coaching 2003 - 2010

Georgia FC Academy Director 2001 - 2010

Georgia FC Boys Director of Coaching 2001 - 2003

Mountain Park Director Coaching 1997 - 2001

Atlanta Silverbacks Advisory Board 2001 - 2005

Tournament Director MPSA Holiday Cup 1998 - 2000

Tournament Director Georgia FC Invitational 2001 - 2010

Tournament Director Georgia FC Presidents Classic 2003 - 2010

Tournament Director Athens United Invitational 2010 - Present

Tournament Director Athens United Finale 2010 - Present

Georgia State ODP Assessor 2001 - Present

Staff Coach for Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy

Director of Coaching The Soccer Academy

Director of Coaching, World Soccer Systems

Coached teams at the Gothia Cup in Sweden
Coached teams at the Manchester United Football Festival 
Coached teams at the Arsenal International Festival in England

Director and Owner of 4 L’s Soccer Camps

Piedmont College Assistant Coach (Men’s & Women’s)

Georgia Youth Soccer Association Boys Coach of Year 1995

Georgia Youth Soccer Association Boys Coach Runner Up 2000

Playing Experience
Professional Leagues:


Queens Park Rangers FC, AFC Wimbledon, Millwall FC, Brighton Hove Albion FC


Atlanta Magic, Atlanta Attack, Academy Chiefs, Atlanta Lightning, Gwinnett County Steamers, Chattanooga Express, Atlanta Express

Captain Georgia State Select Team 1995,1996 and 1997

Youth Leagues:

Played for South London, Inner London,London & Surrey Schools

National Championship in England for South London Schools 1976

England School Boy International Caps 3

FA Youth Cup Winner 1979

Coaching Education

USSF National License

USSF State License

FA Level 1 & 2 License

NSCAA National Diploma

Currently have players playing on the US National Team

Currently have players playing in the MLS

Have player playing in the Championship in England

Have helped to put 100's of players in College over the past twenty years

Lloyd with his National Championship team (1976-77). Lloyd is on the front row, 3rd from the left. 
Who knew that he used to have hair?? :)


Lloyd with his first Athens United jersey.

Presenting a well deserved scholarship check.

Lloyd doing what he does best...coaching players and coaching coaches.

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