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Athens United Soccer Association

Olympic Development Program

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) was created by US Soccer around 25 years ago for two purposes:

1) To identify national team players early, at the youth level.
2) To provide development opportunities for these potential national team players.

To this day, these two core purposes, namely, IDENTIFY and DEVELOP for the national team, have not changed. However, many players have also come to associate ODP with improved opportunities for playing college soccer and getting college scholarships. This is because many college coaches work on ODP staff at the state, regional, and national levels and also most college coaches scout players at ODP events. College coaches consider a player’s participation in ODP as an indicator of talent and soccer ambition.

Here are the players who have made Olympic Development Program (ODP) from Athens United Soccer program:

Georgia ODP 2015/16

Player                             Pool
Merryn Thompson          01

Georgia ODP 2014/15

Player                         Pool 
Merryn Thompson     01
Boland Lekeaka          01 REGIONAL POOL
Phil      James             98
Cole     Hasen             98
Aldo    Martinez           98  

Georgia ODP 2013/14

Player                         Pool
Noah Allen     01
Boland Lekeaka 01     REGIONAL POOL
Georgia ODP 2012/13

Player Pool
William Crain              00     REGIONAL POOL, NATIONAL POOL         
Mehran Ahmadipour     97
Gabriel Arcos              96 

Georgia ODP 2011/12

William Crain           00              
Mehran Ahmadipour  97                
Lee Brackman           97              
Gabriel Arcos            96                         
Henry Scott              95 REGIONAL POOL
Matthew Ward           95 REGIONAL POOL  
Georgia ODP2010/11

Player                        Pool
Ashley Thomas         99
Andres Perez           99
Jack Rinkowski        99
Auston Rodiquez      99
Gilberto Rodiquez     98
Lee Brackman          97
Nick Morin              98
Garrett Walker         97
Ryan Vetter             98
Jordan Burst            94 REGIONAL POOL    
Georgia ODP 09/10

Player                              Pool
Elizabeth Allen                  96        
Johnathan Scherzer U14 USSF National Team Pool