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Developmental Program

What is it?

The Developmental Program is designed for beginners to learn the sport of soccer and for children interested in playing in a less competitive environment. The goal of the program is to improve the quality of soccer played in Athens-Clarke County and to provide opportunities for more children to participate in the sport. The Developmental Program is the starting place for any young soccer player. It is open to boys and girls, ages 4 and up.

The Developmental Program is focused on creating an atmosphere of FUN, LEARNING, and COMMUNITY.  Our goal is for each child to be introduced to the game in a positive manner, which will hopefully lead to a lifetime involved with the game of soccer. Each and every initiative targeted at the Players and Coaches in our Developmental Program is designed to enhance this goal and the player’s individual experience. We also strive to foster a sense of community around the game of soccer. Families and a family atmosphere are integral to our club.  Athens United's Developmental Program brings together families from diverse backgrounds to celebrate youth, health, exercise, and our community. The Developmental Program is offered to all children ages 4 to 12. Older teams are offered when there is high enough demand. In the past, we have been able to field teams in age brackets all the way up to U16.*

NO previous playing experience required, NO requirement of advanced skills 

Each team requires a volunteer coach

What are the expectations?

Children registered in each age group will be divided into teams and assigned a volunteer coach. The coaches will notify players regarding practice days and times. Teams typically practice one time per week and play one game per week.   Player evaluations for the U10 and up age groups are held before each season and are necessary to assure that players at different skill levels are distributed equally among teams. 

Teams will play an average of 8 to 10 games per season. Games usually take place on Saturdays. Intra-league games for U6-U10 are scheduled by AUSA. 

Inter-league games for U12 & up are scheduled by Georgia Soccer through their RIAS (Recreation Inter-Affiliate Schedule) system.


· U6 teams play 4v4 sided games   

· U8 teams play 4v4 sided games    

· U10 teams play 7v7 sided games

· U12 teams play 9v9 sided games

Each player will play at least one half or have equal playing time. As with all other commitments, it is expected that players attend practices on a regular basis, inform the coach of anticipated absences, and arrive at the field on game day at the time designated by the coach.

We encourage parent participation in this league. Get involved with your child and his/her team. If you would like to coach or be a team manager, please register to volunteer when you register your children. We invite your suggestions and comments. We may not be able to implement every good idea this season, but we hope to always be open to improvement in the seasons to come.


What are the prices? 

Fee includes: Georgia Soccer registration and insurance, uniform for the season, referee fees, participation commemorative item (not a trophy), coaching education, field use, league administration.

Early registration cost (10/29 - 11/30):

U5-u8 $75

U10- $105

U12- $135

U14- $155

Registration cost (12/01 - 01/31):

U5-u8 $100

U10- $130

U12- $160

U14- $180

Late registration cost (02/01 - 02/20)

U5-u8 $125

U10- $155

U12- $185

U14- $205

  *** u12 and u11 registration will end 02/01/23 ***

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Academy Program

What is it? 

This is the natural next step for competitive players after Developmental and will be the player’s first experience in a competitive play environment.. This unique program is for 7-12 year old  boys and girls to receive top quality soccer training in a fun and flexible environment. In our Academy program we implement age appropriate training systems developed under the guidelines of GYSA, and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) .Various European club training models and techniques will be integrated into the curriculum for a truly international system of player development.

The main focus at this age is on technical development. There are 4 basic technical skills that must be developed throughout the U8-U12 age groups. Those crucial technical skills include dribbling, receiving, passing, and shooting. There will also be a focus on crucial tactical skills such as the ability to organize offenses or defenses and recognize when certain types of runs. The Academy program will place training priorities on the most important technical topics: dribbling with creativity, mastering moves and fakes, receiving the ball away from pressure, accurate passing, shooting with power and accuracy and winning the ball out of the air.

Players will be accepted into the Academy via a tryout system that we call “evaluations”. Accepted players will be divided by birth year and gender and placed in age pools/on teams. Academy pools/teams of players will practice together under the supervision of licensed coaches and professional trainers. Player movement from team to team may be necessary for those who progress at a quicker than normal rate or for those who may need a different level of competition. This flexibility is unique to the academy program and will be determined by the professional staff and Directors. 

What are the expectations? 

At the Academy level you can anticipate 1.5-hour practice sessions twice per week with an optional 3rd session for scrimmage games or special training topics (see Supplemental Training tab). Games: Academy players will participate for 2 full seasons. (All players/parents have to sign a player/parent commitment contract to participate in the academy) The fall season will take place August - November and the spring season will take place February - May. Academy teams will play at least 10 games per season, half at home and half away against other academy teams. U9/U10 teams will play 7v7 games U11/U12 teams will play 9v9 games. Games will consist of 2 halves, 30 minutes each. All players will play ½ of every game.

As far as player movement is concerned, the Club and the Academy staff have the ability to move players on a game by game basis as they wish to enhance a player’s development.  This means that rosters are fluid to encourage players to always give 100% effort, when practicing and playing in games. At this age players mature and learn at different stages of their soccer careers, so if players are selected for one particular team, this is not a guarantee that this decision is a permanent one. Some players thrive on competition immediately and others take time to adjust, so each player will be evaluated individually. Success of teams stems from continuity so it is important to keep that in mind when picking our teams and developing our young soccer players.

All coaching should be left to the coaching staff and parents should not offer advice to players during games or practice. Parents should refrain from giving any tactical feedback to players regarding performance. Coaching from the sideline can lead to confusion and/or frustration for the player. Positive Parental Support:  Positive support is vital during times of disappointment which is a natural part of a young soccer player’s developmental success. Positive encouragement from parents is vital to help young soccer players understand the significance of winning and losing, the experience of frustration in learning and the need to develop self confidence. Positive coaching from our staff is vitally important to our player’s development. We must ensure that our players are installed with confidence to play and have an understanding of the coach’s instructions. Also, our players accept constructive and negative information to improve them as soccer players and team members. Encouragement at this level is a massive motivational tool to making our players successful, creative and well rounded soccer players. Teams will participate in 2-4 local tournaments a seasonal year. (Including the Athens Invitational Held in August) The coaches will determine end of season tournaments and team rosters. As with practice and games, players may be moved during tournaments as parity dictates.  All games will be played with local leagues to eliminate extensive travel for players at such a young age. Travel will be limited to 1-1.5 hours if at all possible.

What are the prices? 

Fee includes Georgia Soccer registration and insurance, referee fees, professional training/coaching, one AUSA tournament, field use, equipment, and league administration. 

U9 - U10: $1200/seasonal year (Fall & Spring)

U11 - U12: $1300/seasonal year (Fall & Spring)


Select Program

What is it?

Athens United Soccer Association offers the most competitive level of soccer through our Select program. This program is available for both boys and girls from ages 12 to 19. The boys participate in the Classic program and the girls participate in the Athena program of the Georgia Youth Soccer Association. Teams in each age category are grouped into different divisions based on rankings and results. At the end of each season, the top teams can be promoted to a higher division and the bottom teams can be dropped to a lower division to keep teams competitively matched. Participation in our Select program requires a one-year commitment from August to May.  

What are the expectations? 

At the Select level players and parents can expect the utmost professional training and coaching from coaches and staff. Here we are looking to mold the complete player into a player who can win matches. Normally you can expect a minimum of three hours of practice per week. Games are scheduled by Georgia Soccer. Teams will play 11 v 11 sided games.

What are the prices? 

Fee includes: Georgia Soccer registration and insurance, referee fees, professional training/coaching, one AUSA tournament, field use, equipment, and league administration.  All fees are per season.  Payment plans are available. Options for the payment plans can be found online during the registration process that will occur once the player has been accepted onto a team. 


U13 - U14: $1400 for the seasonal year ($700/season). 

U15 - U19:  $900 for the Fall season and any Spring tournaments that your team may participate in 

Supplemental Training

Goalkeeper Training:

AUSA Goalkeeper training with Cody Jones is available to all Select, Academy and Developmental soccer players at no additional cost. All training will be conducted at the Holland Park Soccer Complex. Training in the fundamentals will include: footwork, handling low and high balls, diving, distribution, dealing with crosses, 1v1, and goalkeeper communication. 

Mondays & Thursdays

[email protected]
USSF National Licensed Coach

AUSA Speed/Agility Training:

AUSA Speed/Agility training is available to all Select, Academy and Developmental soccer players at no additional cost. Training will be strenuous and will include: footwork, speed, agility, strength and injury prevention. All sessions will take place at Holland Park between field 2 and 3.  

Monday will be open from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 
Tuesday will be held from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Ball Mastery:

Ball Mastery sessions will be held every Wednesday and Thursday this Fall season with Coach Steven. Focus will be on the technical side of the game and getting the most amount of touches possible

Wednesday   7pm-830pm
Thursday 530-700pm
Holland Park between Field 2 and 3

How to Register:

When online registration is open, you may register your child online using the process below. If you wish to pay with check or cash, you must register in person.  Please contact the AUSA Administrator at  706-353-2241 to set up an appointment.  


AUSA Members: 
  1. Click "LOG IN" tab and enter your username and password 
  2. Click "MY ACCOUNT" tab 
  3. Click "REGISTER NOW" for each player you wish to register
  4. Select the available Program (team), then click "NEXT".

            All players will register for the age appropriate team. Transfers to play up is under the discretion of the DOC and the Developmental Director.

  1. Shopping Cart Details: verify the Program(s) in the shopping cart, then click "NEXT"
  2. Enter the Additional Participant(s) Information, then click "NEXT"
  3. Volunteer: Select volunteer position (optional), then click "NEXT"
  4. Checkout: Select pay with credit card, enter credit card information, then click "SUBMIT ORDER"
  5. Repeat this process for each player you wish to register
  6. A confirmation email will confirm the registration is completed.

New Members:

  • Click "LOG IN" tab
  • New Customer Primary Contact: Create a FAMILY account, Primary Parent's information goes here.
  • Enter Primary Parent's information, then click "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT"
  • Enter Primary Parent's Contact Information, then Secondary Parent's Contact Information, then click "NEXT"
  • Add New Participant (Player): enter Player's information (if you have another child to register, then click "ADD ANOTHER PARTICIPANT", once enter all Participant's information, then click "NEXT"
  • Select the available Program (team), then click "NEXT".

           All players will register for the age appropriate team. Transfers to play up is under the discretion of the DOC and the Developmental Director.

  • Shopping Cart Details: verify the Program(s) in the shopping cart, then click "NEXT"
  • Enter the Additional Participant Information, then click "NEXT"
  • Volunteer: select volunteer position (optional), then click "NEXT"
  • Checkout: Select pay with credit card, enter credit card information, then click "SUBMIT ORDER"
  • A confirmation email will confirm the registration is completed.
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