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Athens United Soccer Association

Winter Futsal

Athens United, as a part of the Georgia Soccer directives and US Soccer Development Academy player development initiatives, is proud to offer a new Winter Futsal program. The Athens United Winter Futsal progam is designed to provide youth soccer players in the Athens area an opportunity to participate in futsal between competitive seasons. The program will encourage development of both technical and tactical skills in a FUN and unstructured (i.e., no coaching) environment that will promote creativity and understanding of the game that will translate to small-sided (Academy) and full-sided (Select) games.

Georgia Soccer Futsal Rules

What is futsal?

Futsal is the official five-a-side indoor soccer game recognized by FIFA that uses a specific type of ball to force players to utilize skill rather than size or power. Games are played in a fast-pace environment with four field players and one goalkeeper. Futsal uses a weighted size 3.5 ball to emphasize control and precise touches to develop foot skills. The game is played on a hard court surface with no walls or enclosing. The purpose of futsal is to build a technical foundation for players to utilize as they grow.


Challenge: players enjoy the challenge playing a fast-paced game to test their ability

Touches: according to a FIFA report, in an average 40-minute futsal contest, a player will touch the ball roughly every 30 seconds and have an average of 80 touches per game. In comparison, during a 90-minute full-field outdoor soccer game, a player averages 30-40 touches.

Awareness: play is continuous with quick restarts and an open flow requiring players to remain engaged at all times.

Speed of Play: due to limited space and constant pressure from opponents, players learn to increase their perception, decision making, and execution.

Support: with only five players per team, players will instinctively learn better spacing, passing, and movement. Players off the ball must move constantly to find and create space, while being mindful of supporting their teammates.

Knowledge: a team of four players plus a goalkeeper replicates all of the basic tactical elements of the game of soccer. A player's understanding of options and support are enhanced while increasing the overall knowledge of the basic principles of attacking, defending, and transition as well as learning through situations that translate to the 11v11 game.

(taken from US Soccer Development Academy website)